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Today in Dnep

We were woken up by the Israelis and enjoyed a very Ukrainian breakfast in the Menorah Center. Then we hopped on the bus and crossed the Dnep river in order to experience Beit Hanna, the women’s teaching college, and the ERC or the Educational Resource center for children with disabilities. When we arrived, the principal who has been volunteering there for 16 years, talked to us about the start of the ERC and also what goes on within this amazing center. We, as Americans, all felt so good to know that the Center came from members of the Boston Jewish community. Also, how we were able to provide something like this for a country, like Ukraine, that looks at disabilities as a struggle rather than a uniqueness, which made us feel so good! After taking a tour of the center and having time to interact with the kids, we had a brief discussion about how we felt an what we thought of the experience.

Next it was time to go to the school! Today was our last day to teach our classes about lessons regarding respect, so we all wanted them to be the best day out of them all. Of course they were the best day, because the lessons prepared were prepared by us! Or so we think.

We taught our students about respecting themselves and their community. After the camp was finished, we headed back to the Menorah center to meet with our country groups and ended the night with making arts and crafts for tomorrow’s Shabbat and relaxation time. Anyways, all is well here in the land of Dnep, don’t worry we are staying safe.

So for now Das Vedanya!

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