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Thoughts on “the Situation”

Today was another busy, long, and educational day. We started the day with a tour around the Holocaust museum in the Menorah Center. Moving, is an understatement to describe our experience in the museum. Following the tour we met Rabbi Kaminetski, the head Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk. His office is on the top floor, which is fitting because it is on the 18th floor, which in Hebrew stands for Chai (life). It has a beautiful view of the city from its wrap around balcony.

We had an amazing time with Rabbi Kaminetski as we discussed the details of the Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk. He gave us his opinion on the protestors in Kiev, which opened up many of our views on the situation. Although it is quiet in Dnepropetrovsk, we are watching the news and are aware of the unrest and dangers occurring in Kiev. Tonight was the first night that we saw protestors in Dnep from our bus. Discussions between Ukrainian, Israeli, and Boston participants regarding this topic is steady.

Due to these political obstacles, the Americans and Ukrainians are able to have educational and healthy debates and discussions. We are all safe and well, enjoying one anothers’ company in the Menorah Center!

I know that it is natural for parents to feel worried for the well being of their children, but I assure you that Emilia is doing an excellent job along with Ben, Olya, Roberta, Tal and Yan to keep us safe and secure.

We all send big hugs and kisses from Dnep! See you all in a week <3

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