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Engage in a New Conversation about Israel with Open Circle Jewish Learning and iEngage

Few subjects in Jewish life today evoke as much controversy – and anxiety – as the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. So when we decided to offer the Hartman Institute’s “iEngage” video curriculum, “Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” in our Adult Education program at Temple Israel of Natick, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. Every summer the Hartman Institute brings hundreds of Rabbis and lay leaders from across all… Read Article →

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Israel: A Love Affair

I just celebrated 40 years of visiting Israel! I was there recently visiting our Hebrew College education and rabbinic students who are studying in Jerusalem this year. It was a short but delightful visit; packing in countless scheduled and spontaneous meetings with colleagues and friends, wandering the Jerusalem streets as sukkot were erected, the boys came out with their lulavim and etrogim to sell and the early morning predawn call… Read Article →

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If only there were more people who were really pro-Palestinian. . .

There is no widespread international movement to support the Palestinians. It’s a difficult reality to accept, because we see so many protestors, from Australia to the United States, hoisting Palestinian flags and shouting “Free Palestine!” on a daily basis. It’s also sad, because many Palestinians could benefit from a truly pro-Palestinian global network that focused on boosting the West Bank economy or providing aid to the struggling Palestinians in actual… Read Article →

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Not a lion: why support for Obama’s Syria resolution is still relevant and important

I took lessons in Arabic language at the Arabic Summer Academy in Boston, and one of my teachers was Syrian. He didn’t like to talk about the Civil War, and generally refused to answer any questions about his politics. One day, in his class, I noticed a poster on the wall with the names of various animals in Arabic, and noticed that the Arabic word for “lion” is “assad”. “Is… Read Article →

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Selling Israel to a liberal audience

Far too often, staunch liberals withhold their support from the State of Israel because they feel that Zionism is inconsistent with their other views. As a liberal Zionist, I frequently find myself arguing with my liberal friends, trying to convince them that they can support Israel while also staying true to other liberal values. In this post, I will share some of the strategies I have found to be most… Read Article →

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Why more liberal Americans don’t, but should, support Israel

Last year, my high school’s Israel advocacy group (Students Engaged in Pro-Israel Advocacy) tried to obtain the signatures of leaders of the Student Democrats on a pro-Israel leadership statement. I was not expecting this to be a difficult project. So, I was shocked at how many on-line comments among the Student Democrats were against the idea. I watched as students posted everything from articles about citizenship inequality to videos about… Read Article →