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Seventy Faces of Torah Rabbi Mónica Gomery

Teaching God our Torah

Parashat Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11-34:35) This week, revelation manifests as a rollercoaster in directionality, as Moses rises and falls from the base to the peak of Mount Sinai over and over again: “And the Lord said to Moses: “Go, descend, for your people….” (32: 7) “… On the next day Moses said to the people: “You have committed a grave sin. And now I will ascend to the Lord;” (32:30)… Read Article →

Seventy Faces of Torah tabernacle

Building Devotion

Judaism is often described as a religion of law, an identity that it shares with Islam. But it is perhaps more accurate to consider Judaism as a religion defined by its commitment to embodied practice and experience. This is abundantly clear in the final chapters of Exodus, which concludes with a series of intricate laws concerning the construction of the Tabernacle. The Torah’s focus on seemingly mundane details began with… Read Article →

Community Blog Esther_haram

From Prophets to Process: Purim Ponderings

Rabbi Zadok Hakohen of Lublin (1823-1900) traces the development of the Oral Law to the time of Purim. The basic founding of the Oral Torah began with the men of the Great Assembly … in that generation lived the last prophets … for with the demise of that generation prophecy was stopped up and the writing of the Torah became forbidden, just as was the writing of prophecy … Even… Read Article →

Seventy Faces of Torah cge

Heeding the Call to Protect the Land

I have a vivid memory from a Bible class from the late 1980’s in which we were learning the classic formulations, seen in this week’s Torah portion, that if the Israelites obey God’s laws, the rains will come in the right season and all will be well.  If, however, the Israelites abandon the covenant, the earth and their enemies will work together to utterly destroy them.  One of my classmates… Read Article →

Community Blog Community Blog A Journey of Return

A Journey of Return

For more than 40 years, my Jewish heritage was the farthest thing from my conscious mind, even though my background is stronger than most. Both my parents and my beloved aunt were graduates of the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Teachers Institute. I went to the Yeshivah of Flatbush for eight years, then attended Marshalea Hebrew High School and Camp Ramah, took two long trips to Israel (last in 1960) and spent… Read Article →

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What We Bring, What We Take

I have counseled many adults with work, family or other obligations to enroll in Me’ah, to enjoy learning the compelling story of the Jewish people with outstanding scholars. I tell them that assigned readings deepen understanding, but our instructors know how to teach busy adults who have no time to prepare for class. Finally, I have heeded my own words. I have carved out three hours one evening a week… Read Article →