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Shabbat in the Woods

As we were lighting the candles last Friday night, my hands cupped to my face, I heard for the first time my daughter’s voice quietly but confidently saying the words along with me. And so I did something that I haven’t done since I was a kid: I opened my eyes, mid-prayer, and ever-so-subtly moved my hands away from my face. Yes, I peeked. I had to! I didn’t want… Read Article →


Shabbat at Our Home

  Several years ago I attended a workshop called “Making Shabbat Special” at the JCC with Rabbi Julie Zupan, a warm and thoughtful rabbi who is now an instructor for Parenting Through a Jewish Lens.  She shared a variety of ideas that sparked my own family practice.  Some of the ideas she shared were nice, but actually were not the type of Shabbat that I wanted – for example, a… Read Article →


Torah Gone Wild

I am standing in weeds past my knees, tasting young mustard seeds. Mustard, with its small bright-yellow flowers reaching up on spindly stems, has moved into our backyard. Each small seed pod — pointy and narrow and fuzzy — bursts on my tongue. First, there is nothing, and then a tiny explosion of unmistakable mustard flavor. I am in awe of these scrappy plants that found their way here unbidden. In fact, the… Read Article →

jay's family

An Unexpected Family Tradition

As most parents know, when you have small children, your social life takes a major hit. Gone are the days when Friday night meant going out and blowing off steam at the end of a hard week. But just because you have to stay home, does that mean that you can’t have fun on a Friday night? The answer, I am happy to say, is no. My wife and I… Read Article →


Shavua Tov

Shavua tov from Dnep!! This morning, we slept in and woke up to a lovely, carb filled breakfast; complete with traditional Ukrainian cheese and blintzes. We then took the Shabbos elevator down to the ground floor to Shacharit services with the rest of the Jewish community. Three hours later, post services, we all ventured to our respective assigned homes for Shabbat lunch! Myself, Rachel, Jacob, and three other girls were… Read Article →


Four Levels of Societal Transformation

I recently had to report for jury duty. I had been summoned for jury service before, but this was the first time I did so in New York City. In the past I had found that, despite the hours away from my regular responsibilities, being an active part of the justice system was an inspirational and worthy thing to do. The framers of the Constitution were idealistic enough to envision… Read Article →


Days 5-6: Nir Etzion a Shabbat to Remember

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a lovely morning touring the amazing Roman ruins at Tzippori – we saw intricate mosaics that gave us a sense of just how grand the buildings must have been here. We saw the remains of a beautiful palace that just might have the home of Yehudah Ha Nasi – the writer of the Mishna. From Tzippori we made our way to the beautiful Nir… Read Article →


Tales From Israel: The Intersection of Faith and Future

For the fourth year in a row I spent a sleepless Shabbat in Jerusalem. It’s not necessarily Jerusalem’s fault that I’m up until 3 in the morning every time I’m there. Given the timing of Prozdor’s vacations and flights, inevitably we arrive late on a Wednesday or Thursday, eat dinner, and then stumble off to bed sometime after 10:00 with our body clocks in full misalignment. And while on most… Read Article →

Stephanie Marlin-Curiel

Shabbat: A Turning Toward Each Other

What am I grateful for? This question has come up at many of the community Shabbat celebrations I have attended. Sometimes the question comes in the form of a request to name a highlight of the week, to which most people answer, “I am most grateful to be here, with all of you!” And I am sure it is true. Shabbat can feel like a relief, and it feels nice… Read Article →


Pizza: It’s What’s For (Shabbat) Dinner!

During this crazy time of the year as we’re caught up with Hannukah and Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget that we actually get to celebrate a holiday every week: Shabbat! I love that our tradition gives us this weekly opportunity to press the pause button on our hectic lives and encourages us to spend time with our families. For those of us with young children, though, this can seem more… Read Article →