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Jewish Memory Week: A Tale in Three Parts

The memory of the Holocaust today is vulnerable. Between the Diaspora and Israel the Jewish people are fighting about the meaning of the Holocaust, encoding in our ideological debates about who we want to be in the world our increasingly polarizing interpretations about our recent past. It is the nature of trauma that we become conditioned to act and behave in certain ways as a result of what we experience…. Read Article →

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Do You Have a Red Bandana?

Purim is by far the silliest, most playful holiday on the Jewish calendar. Children in particular enjoy the customs of Purim – dressing up in costumes, cheering the heroes Mordechai and Esther and booing the villain Haman, eating hamantashen (be they poppy-, apricot-, or chocolate-filled). It may seem amid all this silliness that Purim is a holiday primarily for children. Actually, there are many aspects and themes to Purim that… Read Article →

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Shushan Purim

We acknowledge today as Shushan Purim, as a commemoration of the day when the Jews of Shushan (the walled Persian capital) finally rested after defeating their enemies. They returned to their gated community, and rejoiced. Although it is most fully celebrated by those in Jerusalem (and some other walled cities), we also acknowledge the day as one of celebration. For example, just as on Shabbat, we do not recite Tachanun today, as to not take away from our joy…. Read Article →

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Purim: A Holiday of Friendship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my teachers lately, almost all of whom were influenced deeply by Rabbi David Hartman, who passed away last week in Jerusalem at the age of 81. It was from one of my most significant teachers, Rabbi James Ponet, that I first learned about Rabbi Hartman’s understanding of Purim as the Jewish holiday of friendship. The connection may seem counterintuitive at first. A holiday of… Read Article →

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Easy Ways to Celebrate Purim at Home With Young Children

Purim always takes me back to my childhood in Israel, when a sense of festivity was in the air. The weeks leading up to Purim—starting this year on Saturday, Feb. 23—entailed a big debate regarding what costume to choose. For a young child, choosing a costume was a difficult task that required lots of imagination and a sense of excitement. Ready-made costumes were not so common, and I enjoyed seeing… Read Article →