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Hitting ‘Reset’ on My Parenting

“Mommy,” my eight-year-old daughter asked, “How did you learn how to take care of babies and kids? How did you know what to do?” What timing! It was early Sunday morning and we were driving to Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley; she was going to attend Limud Hebrew School, and I was going to attend Parenting Through a Jewish Lens with Rabbi Philip Sherman. As all parents quickly discover, there… Read Article →

Seventy Faces of Torah Pope Francis

We Do Not Live by Reason Alone

The law of the red heifer in this week’s reading from the Book of Numbers, to put it plainly, makes no sense. The Torah mandates an elaborate ritual of purification by which a red cow is slaughtered and burned and its ashes used to purify those rendered ritually impure by contact with a corpse. Such purification rituals are generally hard for moderns to grasp. But even the ancient Rabbis were… Read Article →

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If only there were more people who were really pro-Palestinian. . .

There is no widespread international movement to support the Palestinians. It’s a difficult reality to accept, because we see so many protestors, from Australia to the United States, hoisting Palestinian flags and shouting “Free Palestine!” on a daily basis. It’s also sad, because many Palestinians could benefit from a truly pro-Palestinian global network that focused on boosting the West Bank economy or providing aid to the struggling Palestinians in actual… Read Article →

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Selling Israel to a liberal audience

Far too often, staunch liberals withhold their support from the State of Israel because they feel that Zionism is inconsistent with their other views. As a liberal Zionist, I frequently find myself arguing with my liberal friends, trying to convince them that they can support Israel while also staying true to other liberal values. In this post, I will share some of the strategies I have found to be most… Read Article →