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Apologies for the Delay

Hello loyal followers, I apologize for our radio silence. The past two days have been quite a whirlwind, and I am just now finding a few moments to sit down and detail what we’ve been doing. Next blogpost up you will get a participant perspective. The Travel Well, after seven hours at Logan, we got out of Boston. While I don’t fully understand why we needed to wait, the pilot… Read Article →

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Leadership and Confrontation: Lessons From Moses and God

It seems every few weeks a new round of headlines cover the latest eruption within the American Jewish community over Israel, the most recent including a panel-turned-spectacle at the 92nd Street Y and communal storms over policies delineating who should and shouldn’t be allowed to speak at Hillels and JCCs. While these moments of heat and escalation capture the most press and attention, they obscure and distract us from at… Read Article →

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Why Ukraine?

When I tell folks I am leaving the country on Saturday, and explain where I’m headed, they inevitably ask: “Why Ukraine?” I could choose to launch into a history lesson of the relationship between Boston and Dnepropetrovsk, of the Jewish pioneers from the area who made this burgeoning community a priority for their time and resources. I could go into our partnership with Haifa to help build stronger relationships between… Read Article →

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Jethro and Pope Francis: Models of Interreligious Engagement

Along with many others from across the diverse religious world, Pope Francis has captivated me. In a very short period of time, he has become a transformational figure among global religious leaders. Through his choice of the name Francis, his eschewing the trappings of Vatican wealth and his focus on serving the poor and marginalized, the new pope has begun to redirect the enormous spiritual energies and resources of the… Read Article →

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Anyone Can Lead

You might recall the refrain of Auguste Gusteau, the renowned chef of the animated film “Ratatouille”: “Anyone can cook.” As one who learned his way around the kitchen after tiring of stir-fry and rice pilaf, I believe Gusteau was right. But in this season in which we celebrate Moses’ ascent from speech-impaired shepherd of Midian to the leader of the Hebrew nation, I find myself pondering a more important question:… Read Article →