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Gates of Tears

In this week’s parsha, we are deep in a difficult family story. Yitzhak and Rivka struggle to conceive and after she conceives, the struggle continues in her womb. It gets no simpler once their sons are born. Esav emerges first, hairy and red, followed closely by Yaakov, clinging tightly to Esav’s heel. The boys are quickly caught up in a multigenerational cycle of favoritism and deception. When Yitzhak has grown… Read Article →

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Honoring the Past by Looking Forward

Reading this week’s Torah reading, this week, is almost physically painful. The parasha (Torah reading) — named after “Sarah’s life,” but beginning with her death — begins with the elaborately described process of Abraham’s acquiring a burial place for his wife. The description takes up an entire chapter of Genesis. Everyone in this passage seems to speak with utmost appreciation and respect for the person or group they are addressing…. Read Article →

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Where Hope Takes Root

“Unhappy. Storm-crossed. Uncomforted.” Are you talking to me? Perhaps the prophet Isaiah was speaking to all of us, foreshadowing the awful summer of 2014: Michael Brown gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri… ISIS and the butchering of the Yazidis… Ebola in West Africa… Syria—120,000 innocent civilians dead… Parents and children languishing in the blazing summer heat at the US border… Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 shot down over the Ukraine, all 298… Read Article →

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Beyond Tragedy and Despair: Emerging from Tisha b’Av

Death. Destruction. Suffering. Pain. Hate speech. Loss of moral footing. These words just as easily describe the events of the past few weeks, as they do the Book of Eicha (Lamentations), read on Tisha b’Av. Both the tragic war in Israel and Gaza, and the liturgy of Tisha B’av invite us to wallow in despair. Instead, let’s dig ourselves out of the pit and ask, “What comes next? And how… Read Article →

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The Numbers of Those Who Wandered in the Wilderness

This week we begin reading the fourth book of the Torah, known in English as the book of Numbers. This text, however, carries a different name in Hebrew. The English/Latin title is all about the census of those who wandered in the desert; the Hebrew title, Be-Midbar, is all about the wilderness in which they wandered. I wish to explore the relationship between the numbers and the wandering. There is… Read Article →

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If only there were more people who were really pro-Palestinian. . .

There is no widespread international movement to support the Palestinians. It’s a difficult reality to accept, because we see so many protestors, from Australia to the United States, hoisting Palestinian flags and shouting “Free Palestine!” on a daily basis. It’s also sad, because many Palestinians could benefit from a truly pro-Palestinian global network that focused on boosting the West Bank economy or providing aid to the struggling Palestinians in actual… Read Article →

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Calling all every-day current events analysts: Don’t let your ideas go to waste!

Being the diplomacy-junky that I am, I sometimes can’t help but ponder global conflicts, and especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in search of solutions. I know that I am not alone in this. I am limited in both experience and perspective, as a teenager and as an American, but there is a much larger community of people of all ages and from all backgrounds who have valuable ideas of their own…. Read Article →

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Selling Israel to a liberal audience

Far too often, staunch liberals withhold their support from the State of Israel because they feel that Zionism is inconsistent with their other views. As a liberal Zionist, I frequently find myself arguing with my liberal friends, trying to convince them that they can support Israel while also staying true to other liberal values. In this post, I will share some of the strategies I have found to be most… Read Article →