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The Weight of Our Wrongs

Yom Kippur (Leviticus 16:1-34; 18:1-30) Yom Kippur is the single most significant day of the Jewish calendar. And so it’s certainly not coincidental that the Torah reading for Yom Kippur, stands in the center of the Torah. Almost precisely at the middle of the middle book of the Torah, we find a description of the rites that would take place in the Tabernacle on the Day of Atonement.  On this most central of days, we… Read Article →

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Sing, Sing, Singapore

“My heart was in the east . . .as I had the privilege of leading the United Hebrew Congregation of Singapore with Rabbi Nathan Alfred for the Yamim Noraim this year. I was struck anew by how the mindful use of liturgy and melody work to create community, even as I was welcomed by this diverse group of Jews from Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Myanmar, the UK, America… Read Article →

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Firenze for the High Holy Days

“This is the second year that I’ve led High Holy Day services at Shir Hadash, a small, liberal congregation which is part of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. It was created in 2003 and serves the non-Orthodox Jewish community of Florence, Italy. It’s just a few blocks from the Great Synagogue where Jinny and I standing. In addition to delivering my sermons in Italian, I incorporate musical selections from… Read Article →

Seventy Faces of Torah Shofar

Wake Up to a New Year: A Yom Kippur Reflection

The shofar blasts on Rosh Hashanah are designed to wake us up. How do we avoid hitting the snooze button, rolling over, and going back to sleep once the holiday passes? That is the goal of Yom Kippur – to keep us spiritually awake. In the days of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, Yom Kippur was primarily a day focused on ritual purity. While ritual purity and impurity may not… Read Article →

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Partnering on the Pulpit

For me, it was a first. Never before did I have the opportunity, as president of Hebrew College, to partner with an alumnus on a synagogue pulpit. On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, I served as a Ba’al Tefila, a leader of synagogue prayers, at Temple Reyim in Newton. Rabbi Daniel Berman, a 2010 graduate of the Hebrew College Rabbinical School, was appointed the new rabbi at Temple Reyim just… Read Article →

Community Blog Community Blog A High Holy Days Reflection on Teaching

A High Holy Days Reflection on Teaching

I think a lot of people who come to Jewish Studies from the outside underestimate the nature of the commitment demanded by the field. Myself, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to teach. I still do. But my ideas about teaching in general, and Jewish Studies in particular, have changed. A lot of us remember our college experiences and say to ourselves, “that is what teaching would be… Read Article →

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Out of Time: 5774 Is Coming

Cool nights, green apples, blazing foliage and playoff baseball; fall is one of New England’s special treasures There’s no place I’d rather be from, and there’s no place I’d rather be living. I’m a Bostonian through-and-through, and I love to celebrate our four-season climate. But fall, for my money, is the best. As Jewish New Englanders, we have a something that really ratchets up the value of fall — the… Read Article →

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A Tale of Two Countries

I was privileged to lead the High Holy Day services again this year at the Oxford Jewish Community in Great Britain. The OJC is unique in Europe in having a single community with multiple “minyanim,” including a regular Orthodox, Masorti and Liberal Jewish service on Shabbat and Hagim. The community incorporates members from “town and gown” as well as students studying at the various Oxford colleges. A modern synagogue building… Read Article →