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Seventy Faces of Torah shemini

Revisiting the Holy and the Ordinary

This week’s Torah portion includes, in the words of anthropologist Mary Douglas, a “hoary old puzzle from biblical scholarship.” As Douglas put it, “Why should some locusts, but not all, be unclean? Why should the frog be clean and the mouse and the hippopotamus unclean? What have chameleons, moles and crocodiles got in common that they should be listed together?” What is the point of the detailed, elaborate and somewhat… Read Article →

Eser passover_blog_post_picture_large

Eser to the Rescue: Passover Edition

Passover has always been my favorite Jewish holiday. The story of freedom, the props – 10 plague finger puppets, the inflatable matzah beach ball, the food (you know your yearly serving of gefilite fish was something to complain about BUT also an awesome way to get an extra dose of horseradish), the fashion (when your childhood dining room includes the stairs to the kids bedrooms, you have a perfect runway… Read Article →

Teen Voices moore_relief

The Passover Challenge: Discovering What We Take for Granted

This month our Rising Voices Fellows explore their relationships to Passover traditions. Be sure to check theJWA blog each Tuesday for a new post from our fellows—and check out the great educational resources provided by our partner organization, Prozdor. Even though the snow has persisted through and beyond the winter season, I am glad to acknowledge that spring is finally here! But before my junior year of high school comes to a close, I… Read Article →

Community Blog 12168242

Barley and the Jews

New England in mid-March is a mishmash of gray and mud; it’s not the prettiest landscape. I daresay that snow cover is somewhat more attractive, but as we get ready for spring, mud will have to do. As the earth awakens and begins to yield its fruit, and the crocuses wait for the first warm-ish day to prematurely bloom, Passover looms on the less-than-one-month horizon, with its promise of carbohydrates,… Read Article →

Pluralistic Perspectives jerusalem1

Day 3: People and Impressions of Jerusalem

Today was a day to explore Jerusalem and its people. We began this beautiful day at Yemin Moshe at the Montefiore Windmill, which has recently been renovated using its original plans. Walking past the Tower of David, we paused for a moment to consider the poem “Tourists” by Yehudah Amichai. This was a profound reminder to look beyond the stone structures and seek the connections we make with one another…. Read Article →

Pluralistic Perspectives welcome-to-israel

Day 1: Food Glorious Food

After traveling 24 hours we have finally arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv. We made a short stop in Jaffa where we watched the sun set and ate some oranges while our tour guide, Kayla educated us on the history of Jaffa and the oranges. We stopped for a delicious dinner at restaurant Maganda where a beautiful table had been set for all of us. On it was… Read Article →

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens Ruderman-300x296

Pizza: It’s What’s For (Shabbat) Dinner!

During this crazy time of the year as we’re caught up with Hannukah and Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget that we actually get to celebrate a holiday every week: Shabbat! I love that our tradition gives us this weekly opportunity to press the pause button on our hectic lives and encourages us to spend time with our families. For those of us with young children, though, this can seem more… Read Article →

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens ziv-kregers

Our Final Class Wasn’t So Final

After six years of wanting to take Parenting Through a Jewish Lens we finally made it happen this year. The 10 week PTJL course at Temple Beth Shalom in Needham certainly lived up to our expectations. It gave us access to Jewish ideas and practices, an understanding of how these can inform our everyday lives and a deeper appreciation for the things we were already doing in our homes. It… Read Article →

Community Blog Community Blog Israel There and Back Again

Israel: There and Back Again

It’s always amazing to go to Israel with Prozdor kids. This time we managed to somehow dodge the historic rainfall that has been pounding the country all winter to enjoy a jam-packed 11 days of travel. It only rained the night of our arrival (Dec. 21, and no, we didn’t see the Messiah, even though I went for a run that night in Jerusalem to see if I’d run into him) and… Read Article →