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What Prozdor Means to Me

When I first came to Prozdor, I knew that I wanted to think critically about Judaism, but I had no one to talk about it with. My shul is great, but there weren’t a lot of teenagers there and I never got into any youth groups. Prozdor gave me what I had been missing: people who understood me. People I could discuss Judaism with on a serious level. I also… Read Article →

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“You do not have to be a part of Israel, but Israel has to be a part of you”: Prozdor in Israel

For me, Israel is the cornerstone of not just my Jewish identity, but my overall identity. Over the past seventeen years (literally half of my life) I have been traveling to Israel, and was quite fortunate this Spring to go twice within a six-week period, once for the Boston-Haifa Steering Committee meetings and once with our Prozdor ninth graders on their annual trip. The 9th graders returned on Sunday morning… Read Article →

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Israel: There and Back Again

It’s always amazing to go to Israel with Prozdor kids. This time we managed to somehow dodge the historic rainfall that has been pounding the country all winter to enjoy a jam-packed 11 days of travel. It only rained the night of our arrival (Dec. 21, and no, we didn’t see the Messiah, even though I went for a run that night in Jerusalem to see if I’d run into him) and… Read Article →