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Commencement Address 2017

President Lehmann, members of the Board, honored guests, faculty colleagues, alumni and, most especially, today’s graduates, families and friends: I’m deeply honored to be standing before you as your commencement speaker, asked to offer some words in what we might think of as a modern form of wisdom literature, divrei chokhmah. With humility, I offer you my own version of what the author of the biblical wisdom book, Mishlei, Proverbs… Read Article →

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Teach Everyone

According to that famous Chinese proverb, “it is a curse to live in interesting times.” So we’re good, because “interesting” doesn’t begin to describe what we’re living in. These are extraordinary times for lots of reasons, but chief among them is the dizzying rate of change that is taking us, well, we have no idea where. And we all know it isn’t likely to slow down. This can be disorienting. … Read Article →