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Shehecheyanu Moments

Humans of Hebrew College #HumansHC “Perhaps the most valuable lesson I took from Parenting Through a Jewish Lens was that any moment can be marked with the Shehecheyanu. A baby’s first steps – yes. The cold, clean taste of frigid winter air, and hot tea waiting in a warm house beyond – yes. My son, struggling to balance dependence and autonomy, confidently walking himself next door for a playdate – yes, yes, yes! Shehecheyanu,… Read Article →

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In Praise of This Very Moment

My 5-year-old son just walked himself next door to play with the neighbors. Getting ready for the fifty-foot journey, with the temperature hovering around 12° and plow berms rising higher than he is tall, he fought with me. Sitting down may make it easier to get his snow pants on, but it’s screamingly awful that I’m right about that. The zipper gets stuck, and when I reach out to help… Read Article →

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Parashat VaYeira: Confounding Revelations of G-d

Vayeira begins with a word of clarity: G-d shows G-d’s self to Avraham at Mamre and appears (vayeira) in three men who come to give Avraham the good news of Sarah’s future fertility, the projected birth of Yitzhak. His birth will let Avraham “hayu yihyeh l’goy gadol v’atzum,” will become a great and numerous nation. This par’sha, however, deals mainly in mixed signals, keeping us guessing whether or not G-d’s… Read Article →