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Shavua Tov

Shavua tov from Dnep!! This morning, we slept in and woke up to a lovely, carb filled breakfast; complete with traditional Ukrainian cheese and blintzes. We then took the Shabbos elevator down to the ground floor to Shacharit services with the rest of the Jewish community. Three hours later, post services, we all ventured to our respective assigned homes for Shabbat lunch! Myself, Rachel, Jacob, and three other girls were given the honor of dining at Rabbi Kaminetsky’s house. We walked from the Menorah Center with 7/9 of his children and their other guests (students visiting from seminary in Tsfat). Upon arriving at their home, we walked through the foyer and turned the corner, only to stumble upon a 30-foot long, elaborately set table. We then proceeded to inhale a 3 course meal, all the whilst discussing the parsha and our respective plans for the future. Stuffed and ready for our Shabbos naps, we slowly waddled back to the Menorah Center. After Havdallah, we traveled to the eighth floor of the menorah center for a disco at the resident Hillel. As the last night we all spend together comes to a close, we all hold our new and old friends a little tighter as thoughts of Ukraine’s political turmoil linger in the back of our minds. We all fear for our new found Ukranian friends here that we will be leaving behind on Monday, but have faith in the strength of the Jewish community here and their resilience. Furthermore, us Americans have found comfort in knowing that many of the Dnep Ukranians are not scared at all, and in their confidence that the protests in Kiev will not jeopardize their safety. Although our departure on Monday will be bittersweet, we know that our new found friendships will last a lifetime.

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