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When Piano Practice Slides and Class Time Flies

I am a happy participant in a Me’ah study group, having recently completed my first year of the two-year study program. Although at times a daunting amount of reading for an over-scheduled professional, the Me’ah program rewards amply (and, indeed, I have kept up with the reading, letting things like piano practice slide). I signed up for Me’ah because I come from a nonobservant family and have felt a missing… Read Article →

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Me’ah: My Journey Toward Immersion in a Vast Sea

I came to Me’ah as I came to Judaism: filled with a desire to immerse myself as much as possible in the incredible and vast sea of learning, wisdom, and spiritual wonder that Judaism evokes for me. I grew up in an intensely Catholic home, though my parents were a “mixed marriage.”  My mother was very devoutly Catholic – Irish-American through and through, of recent immigrant stock – and a… Read Article →

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I Feel My Grandmother’s Presence

My father’s family arrived in Israel/Palestine in about 1860 from somewhere in Russia. As I understand the history, the family move was motivated by strong Zionist feelings rather than by imminent pogroms. My father, born in 1916, was the third generation born in what was then the Ottoman Empire; he was born a Turk in pre-World War I Palestine. My paternal grandmother, Rachel Leah, was the middle child of seven… Read Article →

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What We Bring, What We Take

I have counseled many adults with work, family or other obligations to enroll in Me’ah, to enjoy learning the compelling story of the Jewish people with outstanding scholars. I tell them that assigned readings deepen understanding, but our instructors know how to teach busy adults who have no time to prepare for class. Finally, I have heeded my own words. I have carved out three hours one evening a week… Read Article →