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The Power of the Powerless

One aspect of the Torah that has always intrigued me is the way in which its authors recognize the constraints of the society in which they live, and push against those constraints, even if they cannot imagine doing away with them altogether. Embedded within this week’s Torah portion, Vayeshev, is just such a story, plunked down in the midst of the larger narrative about Joseph and his brothers. In Genesis… Read Article →

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Day 8: “Connection”

In one of our last activities on our seminar we were asked to come up with “our word”. The activity was a mind body experience and an example of an activity for children in an immigration center in Haifa for Ethiopians. The word is supposed to stay with you and you can return to it over and over again. The word I would choose for our Boston/Haifa Early Childhood Seminar… Read Article →

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Day 7: Happy Hearts in Haifa

On our first evening in Tel Aviv on our way to dinner at Maganda Restaurant, we happened upon happy hearts painted in a plethora of colors on a wall of a neighborhood home. In my mind, this set the theme for our journey. Thirteen magical rainbow hearts brought together for laughter, learning, and adventure. All along the way our group has worked harmoniously, creatively, and cooperatively honoring one another every… Read Article →

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Day 3: People and Impressions of Jerusalem

Today was a day to explore Jerusalem and its people. We began this beautiful day at Yemin Moshe at the Montefiore Windmill, which has recently been renovated using its original plans. Walking past the Tower of David, we paused for a moment to consider the poem “Tourists” by Yehudah Amichai. This was a profound reminder to look beyond the stone structures and seek the connections we make with one another…. Read Article →

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Day 2: Beginnings

Every person, every place, every idea has a beginning. In the field of early education, every teacher will tell you about the importance of a strong beginning. It is this base that provides the foundation for the future. And this idea of beginnings was a theme I found myself returning to over and over again today. This morning we had the opportunity to visit the museum at the Weizmann Institute…. Read Article →

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Day 1: Food Glorious Food

After traveling 24 hours we have finally arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv. We made a short stop in Jaffa where we watched the sun set and ate some oranges while our tour guide, Kayla educated us on the history of Jaffa and the oranges. We stopped for a delicious dinner at restaurant Maganda where a beautiful table had been set for all of us. On it was… Read Article →

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Next week in Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute, Hula Valley and much more…

Shalom and welcome to “Educational Exploration of Israel.” On February 9, 2014 a group of 14 early childhood educators and STEM professionals from the Boston area will travel together to Israel. We will explore the old and the new, nature, educational settings, STEM education, innovation and much more. We will spend time with our partners in the city of Haifa, stay at their homes and visit their schools. We will… Read Article →