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Calling all every-day current events analysts: Don’t let your ideas go to waste!

Being the diplomacy-junky that I am, I sometimes can’t help but ponder global conflicts, and especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in search of solutions. I know that I am not alone in this.

I am limited in both experience and perspective, as a teenager and as an American, but there is a much larger community of people of all ages and from all backgrounds who have valuable ideas of their own. I do not want the collective brilliance of all the casual thinkers and every-day current events analysts to go to waste. Who knows what kinds of genius ideas might be out there, ideas that could revolutionize the ongoing peace negotiations?

My organization, Liberals for Israel, is beginning a new initiative to assemble the ideas for solutions to any aspect or aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We will filter the submissions and compile them into a larger collection that will be worth a politician’s time to read, and we will pass them on to the United States House of Representatives and, if possible, to Prime Minister Netanyahu himself. Either way, we will be giving a voice to the average person who has something to contribute to the peace process.

We’re looking for ideas that would not only solve territorial issues, but also religious issues, economic issues, security issues, and, perhaps most of all, political issues. Politicians within both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority are under great pressure from their respective peoples to stand strong and demand concessions from the other party, especially on certain points such as retaining the Temple Mount for Israel or recognition of a “Palestinian right of return” for the PA.

All ideas should be within the framework of a two-state solution that provides for the existence of a Jewish, sovereign state of Israel and a coexisting, sovereign state of Palestine.

Please refrain from submitting an opinion about an option that has already been discussed or that is widely known to be on the table. We seek innovative ideas, not reiterations of old ones. Nevertheless, if you’re not sure whether or not an idea has been mentioned in the past, please do send it our way!

Finally, be sure to pass this message on to anyone who might have ideas of their own. We want to hear from everybody who has something to say.

Comments can be submitted either via the contact form on our website here or via email at info@liberalsforisrael.org. Please send us your comments before June 15, 2014.

This post originally appeared on the Times of Israel.

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