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Dying a Good Death, and Getting ‘There’

Dedicated to Rami Wernik z”l, cherished Jewish educator. How do you want to die, and what are you doing to get there? In the world of real estate, the message is: “Location, location, location.” Somehow, it also seems an appropriate message when reading so many biblical stories, including (in Parshat Hukkat) that of Miriam’s death. The children of Israel, the whole congregation of Israel, arrive in the Zin desert, “and… Read Article →

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Remembering the Future: Memories of the Heart

This Shabbat, the weekly Torah portion, Tetzaveh, embraces the consecration of the priesthood to God, and the special designated Torah reading for the Shabbat prior to Purim, known as Shabbat Zachor, commands us to remember/not forget our encounter with Amalek, who sought to destroy us. A kaleidoscope of voices and texts construct and reconstruct our minds and hearts, our past and future. How do we hold in one breath the… Read Article →