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Engaging Head-On With Violent Sacred Texts

Vengeance and carnage, commanded by God. Slaughter of the enemy: man, woman and child. Virgins as trophies of war. Wholesale taking of life. This week’s Torah portion, Matot-Masei, contains violent passages from which most modern readers will want to disassociate ourselves — believing they do not reflect our Judaism, our values, who we are and aspire to be. This is Torah best spoken in whispers or brushed aside. Many communities will choose… Read Article →

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Leadership and Confrontation: Lessons From Moses and God

It seems every few weeks a new round of headlines cover the latest eruption within the American Jewish community over Israel, the most recent including a panel-turned-spectacle at the 92nd Street Y and communal storms over policies delineating who should and shouldn’t be allowed to speak at Hillels and JCCs. While these moments of heat and escalation capture the most press and attention, they obscure and distract us from at… Read Article →