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Noticing The Good, Doing The Good

A child takes her lunch box from her backpack and brings it to the kitchen. How can this be a sacred act? This question came up in the Parenting Through a Jewish Lens class that I am leading at Shir Tikvah in Winchester. Why is it sacred you may ask? Isn’t it just common courtesy to help out by bringing the lunchbox in, rather than requiring the parent to hunt… Read Article →


My Journey with Raising Jewish Children

The day my son was born was the day my world changed. My world is now all about him and my daughter, who was born 3 years later. Seeing them both for the first time melted my heart as well as my husband’s. We were both excited and anxious about the new journey we were beginning together. During their first years, it was amazing seeing how much they changed each… Read Article →


So Much More Than Bagels

“Parenting Through a Jewish Lens.” Rather self-explanatory course name, one would think at first. A course on parenting, that is, raising your kids, through a Jewish lens, meaning…well, what exactly? Perhaps not as self-explanatory as one might think at first, given the broad experiences and backgrounds one can fit into the idea of being Jewish. After all, while some of us consider ourselves Jewish because of the full observance of… Read Article →

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When I moved to Boston in 1998, my first job out of college was that of administrative assistant in the adult-learning division at Hebrew College. Then, the campus was in Brookline, on Hawes Street, and my desk was situated in a hallway between the bathroom and the office of the director of adult learning, then Janet Altman. Despite my modest office, the work environment was warm, engaging, motivating and passionate…. Read Article →

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Milestone Moments

I was stunned when each of my children, on separate pediatrician’s visits, ran from the doctor’s office without even glancing at the sticker bucket. On many, many previous visits, choosing the perfect sticker had been a 20 minute ordeal. Suddenly it seemed, the sticker stage was over. One of my favorite questions to ask groups of parents is to share a recent family milestone. My sticker bucket story is the… Read Article →

Mikva Mikveh

The Man in the Mikveh

By the time you are reading this, I will have married the love of my life, Rachel. Before our wedding, we had the opportunity to complete the mitzvah of immersing in the mikveh at Mayyim Hayyim in Newton.  ow I got to the mikveh is very important to understanding my experience. As a founding lay leader of Eser, the young adult learning series run by CJP and Hebrew College, I… Read Article →


Joy As Sustenance

I was recently visiting my family in Spain. My mother, sister and I were ordering some drinks in an outdoor bar, enjoying balmy Andalusian weather, when my mother, starting a conversation with the waiter asked how the financial crisis is affecting the business. He responded without missing a beat: “As long as there is money for food and laughter everything is okay”. I was struck. Really? All you need is… Read Article →

Brighton class

It Takes a Village

There is no concise manual for how to be a good parent. No matter how many hours of pregnancy classes or how many books one reads in preparation for this amazing adventure rife with challenge and revelation, from the first day a child enters the world, s/he changes it. No matter what we think we can expect, rarely a day goes by that doesn’t bring a surprise of one form… Read Article →

Stephanie Marlin-Curiel

Shabbat: A Turning Toward Each Other

What am I grateful for? This question has come up at many of the community Shabbat celebrations I have attended. Sometimes the question comes in the form of a request to name a highlight of the week, to which most people answer, “I am most grateful to be here, with all of you!” And I am sure it is true. Shabbat can feel like a relief, and it feels nice… Read Article →


Talk About Jewish Lens

Since my son was very young, and we were very new parents, we have always had a nightly routine. It has changed somewhat throughout my son’s 2+ years, but always includes a bath, one (or many) books, and some iteration of “cuddle time.” In our family, bedtime is one ritual that is sacred in our lives, when sitting at the kitchen table for meals or snacking on healthy food simply… Read Article →